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10 Countries you need to visit atleast once in a lifetime

If there is one thing I love as much as the love I have for food, it has got to be travel.

To just imagine that a few thousand miles away, there is a whole new world out there with people following different cultures, different lifestyles, languages and having a completely different worldview than what we may have been exposed to is fascinating, atleast to me.

There are places so beautiful naturally, that the only thing you could do is be in awe and praise it’s creator, and cities so lively you’ll find yourself lost for words.

I’ll be honest with you though, so far I haven’t got the opportunity to travel as much beyond the Middle East and India but everytime I am going to a place I haven’t been before, the thrill and excitement I feel is beyond anything else.

Me, my camera and a beautiful place I can wander around at is enough to satisfy my soul!

This list of 10 must-visit destinations, is a shortened version of my travel bucket-list which I hope to visit someday, and I am sharing this here so that if you like any of my choices, you can opt to put them in your list too.

1. Iceland

This Nordic Island country has been on the top of my travel bucketlist since forever. The country is filled with unbelievable natural beauty.
The Ring road of Iceland, which goes around the entire country is a favourite among road-trippers and travel lovers.
Fun fact: 95% of water in Iceland comes from hot water springs and cold water is said to come from glaciers. You could also get a glimpse of the beautiful Northern Lights here.

2. Italy

Italy is filled with so many iconic cities and towns such as Rome, Venice, Pompeii, Milan and so many more with different cultures, architecture and landscapes making it a perfect country to visit for all kinds of travellers. The presence of art within it’s historical centres has been widely acclaimed world-wide and is an inspiration to many contemporary artists and designers.
The Italian Food culture is one of the biggest reason why this country is on my list. Italian gelato, pasta, fresh cheese, pizza are some of food that are un-missable when you visit here!

3. Oman

One of the most beautiful countries in the Middle East filled with sandy mountains, vibrant blue waters, wadis, islands and a wide expanse of the Arabian dessert.
You’ll find plenty of spots here for camping. Dhow cruises are also very common in the area especially for dolphin-sighting.
I have been to Oman plenty of times, the country is just a couple of hours away from Dubai via road and makes for a nice roadtrip.
Musandam and Salalah are amongst the most beautiful areas in Oman which I have visited. If you love adventure, you’re bound to enjoy visiting this country.

4. Turkey

A country situated in the middle of Asia, Africa and Europe, Turkey has been the epicenter of one of the largest ruling dynasties in the world, The Ottoman Empire. Due to their history and location, you will find a lot of Imperial buildings, mosques and churches preserved throughout the country.
A hybrid culture exists within the country, with features from both Europe and Asia mixed together. Turkish food is well-loved throughout the world, my favourites being their Baklava, Pide, Kunafe and you will also love their famous Turkish Breakfasts.

5. Switzerland

Located in the middle of the Alps, Switzerland is filled with breathtaking sceneries everywhere.
They have many beautiful meadows, numerous lakes, snow capped mountains and a lot of greenery across the country.
With a well-connected train system, you could visit various different cities and towns, ranging from their cosmopolitan streets of Zurich as well as the lakesides of Montreux.
You can also participate in many outdoor activities including hiking, skiing, kayaking, paraglyding and so on throughout Switzerland.

6. Norway

Norwegian fjords are a favourite among adventure seekers. With the most picture-perfect landscapes, scenic roads, colourful cities and it’s traditional as well as contemporary architecture.
Most travellers prefer to visit during the summer due to the great weather and longer days however the country is stunning all year round.
 Norway is also among the countries from which you can catch a glimpse of the stunning Northern lights which everyone should experience atleast once in a lifetime.

7. Maldives

When we think of Maldives, white sandy beaches with clear blue waters is the first thing that generally comes to our mind.
It is a country with about 1,200 islands and booking into a private resort on one of the islands is the best way to spend a relaxing holiday away from the stresses of city life. Maldives is also mainly a Muslim country, so those like me can find Halal food easily in most parts of the country.

8. New Zealand

Another Island country making to my list, New Zealand has some amazing hiking spots with beautiful scenic views of lakes, mountains and vibrant greenery.
The country is divided into 2 main islands, the North Island which is best known for their white sand beaches and you could also spot volcanoes and geothermal wonders in this area and the other is the South Island, this is where you need to visit if you are looking for snowcapped mountains and glaciers.
New Zealand has also been popular as a shooting location for movies, Chronicales of Narnia, Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit are some popular movies, that had some or all of their scenes shot here.

9. England, United Kingdom

A country which is part of the United Kingdom, England is filled with historical buildings, beautiful architecture and bustling urban centers.
London is the capital of England as well as the UK and is famous for it’s iconic red buses, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge and many more.
There are many castles, palaces, museums throughout the country showcasing it’s rich history.
Fish and Chips is a much loved meal in this country and a must try when you visit England.

10. India

India? Yes! My homecountry had to make it’s way to this list as well. Although I have visited India and it’s various states a couple of times throughout my life, there is still so much beauty that I still have yet to discover.
India has a rich heritage and diversity, there are many monumental spots to visit and you’ll get to experience a variety of cultures in this country. Indian cuisine is much loved worldwide and every part of India, has it’s own unique flavours. Definitely an incredible country.

Which amongst these countries did you like the most? Also, I would love to know which countries are in your Travel Bucketlist!


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