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Gift Ideas: Breakfast in Bed Kit

Who wouldn’t love waking up to a delicious breakfast in bed? Rhetorical question. EVERYONE LOVES IT!

Creating one is such a small yet sweet gesture that is bound to make anyone smile the first thing when they wake up in the morning.

A really close friend of mine got married the past week and I knew a Breakfast in bed kit would be the perfect wedding gift for the couple.
Not only is it memorable, it also has good utility value which can be used lifelong.

The gift was much loved and I am sure it will be something you would enjoy re-creating for a close one as well. Read on to find out how you could make something similar to this and I’ll also share additional tips which I learned along the way!

1. Visualize how you want it to look like

Visualizing your theme, colours, items etc. should be the first thing you do before starting any project. This step may seem unnecessary but it’s important if you want your end result to look great.

Do you want it to be more rustic? vintage? modern? vibrant and colourful? paired with a bouquet of fresh flowers? You decide how you want it to look like!
You can get a lot of inspiration from pages like Pinterest and Instagram hashtags.

2. Getting a good quality serving tray is key

A serving tray in itself can be a great gift to give someone. They come super handy for regular use as well as when we have guests over.

Try to choose a tray which will go well with the theme you set as well as consider the personality of the person you’re planning to gift, it should be something they would enjoy using.

I got a square vintage wooden tray from Maisons Du Monde . You could also opt for marble trays, gold-plated ones, woven Rattan trays and so on.

3. Choose your Plates, Cups and Cutleries

This is yet another set of regular use items that goes into the breakfast kit, make sure they are all good quality and it’s style fits with the overall theme.

I added a pair of each item, so it’s perfect for two. Try to ensure that all these fit easily in the tray. I got two, small, white Melamine Plates and stemless glasses from Crate and Barrel .

You could also alternate the glasses with mugs instead, especially if the person you are gifting to loves their morning tea or coffee.

I got gold-plated cutleries online, from Noon.com. You can creatively fold them along with a nice table napkin, similar to what I did.

4. Arrange the Food and Drinks

Keeping in mind my Earthy colour scheme, I bought all the food accordingly, ensuring that their packaging blends well together.

It’s also necessary to choose food and drinks that has a longer shelf life and can stay fresh within room temperature.

I had two main food pairings, Breadsticks with a spicy mayo dip and Homemade lemon and blueberry scones with assorted jams. There was also an assortment of nuts and chocolates in the package.

All the miscellaneous items such as mini transparent gift bags, vintage wooden box, table mats as well as the glass bottle were from Daiso.

5. Wrap it up!

After you are happy with how it looks, wrap it up with a clear cellophane wrap or shrink wrap and decorate it with a pretty string or ribbon. You could also add a small personalized note along with the gift.

I got the kit packaged at a nearby gift shop, it was a quick last minute wrapping, looked really pretty and my friend loved it.

I would love seeing your versions of a similar ‘Breakfast in bed’ gift set as well!


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