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Review: Healthy & Eco-friendly Spring Feeling Meal Kits by Kcal

Is eating more healthy balanced meals part of your new year resolution?

Do you find yourself eating outside more often than eating homemade food because you just don’t have the time?

Are you looking for flexible meal plan options in the UAE where the food is actually high quality and does not taste bleh?

If your answer for any of these questions is YES, then let me tell you about my experience with Spring Feeling!

Spring is a meal kit subscription service based in the UAE. They provide fully prepped ingredients that are ready to cook with recipes you can easily follow and make in like 20mins.

Spring Feeling review

If I could review Spring Feeling in three simple phrases, I’d say it is:

  • A family-friendly meal kit service
  • Time-saving, hassle free and makes minimal mess/chores
  • Healthy and delicious

Now, let’s get to the details. It’s been a while since I wanted to try out Spring Feeling’s meal kits. Naturally, I was thrilled when the brand reached out to me. While this is a sponsored post, I must admit that a lot of things really exceeded my expectations.

Personally, I like food that are full of flavour and let’s be real, most meals that are labeled healthy often tend to be bland and boring. However, I was pleasantly surprised. The meals I tried from Spring did not disappoint.

Most of their meals are in the calorie range between 400-700cals per serving. This is perfect for having it as lunch or dinner.

The ingredients are fresh, pre-washed, pre-cut, pre-marinated and packed in a biodegradable vacuum sealed packaging. They claim to have no preservatives, which is another plus point.

All the ingredients are labeled numerically, accompanied by recipe cards which makes it so much easier to follow. Even if you are not a regular in the kitchen, I am sure you will enjoy making your own delicious dishes using Spring’s recipe kits.

Every week, there is something new to look forward to. The variety of dishes range from pastas, pizza, meatballs, steaks, enchiladas and literally so much more. All of them made with healthier, fresh and no nasty ingredients going in.

Shrimps in a rice bowl

You can filter the weekly recipe options based on your dietary requirements and protein preferences. I did get the chance to try quite a handful of different meals. I loved each one of them including their vegan recipes. Their meats too are all well marinated and the quality seemed great!

Here’s my top favourite meals that I tried from Spring Feeling by Kcal:

  • Southwest-Style Steak and Corn on the Cob
  • Spicy Pulled Chicken Pizza
  • Turkish Meatballs with Couscous Salad
  • Chicken Breast with Caramelized Onion gravy
grilled chicken breast

If you have a peek at the menu on their website, you’ll notice that their recipes are inspired by cuisines from all over the world. I guess this is what really got me loving the brand.

If you have been following my journey, you already know I love to cook at home. With Spring, trying out different recipes without all the hassle of researching and grocery shopping, just made this an exciting adventure in the kitchen.

Another thing I need to mention here in my Spring Feeling review is that their subscription approach is very customer-friendly.

Once you decide to be a part of the Spring family, you can quite easily make an account on their website. Choose your recipes for a specific week and order. You are not automatically charged every week if you haven’t picked your desired meals. It’s easy to skip, change your plan or cancel your subscription at any time, without any extra charges.

Not ready to start a subscription yet? Try my Chicken Machboos, Thai Pasta Salad or Spicy Shrimp Tacos for your next dinner plan.

The subscription plans can be opted for 3-5 recipes per week for 2-4 people. The prices vary based on the number of servings you choose. You can change the plan whenever you want, it’s quite flexible in that way.

Your first order comes with a complimentary Spring apron and the cutest set of wooden salt and pepper grinders. The meal kits are delivered in a quality cooler bag. It is re-usable and can be returned to the driver on the next delivery.

Based on the number of recipes you choose, you may get the entire delivery on a selected day of the week, or you may divide it between a couple days.

I opted for 4 recipes in one week. Two of the recipes were delivered to me at the start of the week and the rest in the middle. This is a great option, as your fridge won’t get cramped with boxes. You are also provided with fresher ingredients to use which is awesome.

They also have healthy desserts that you can treat yourself with. I have a strong sweet tooth so I had to get a few, loved it!

If you are looking to eat more healthier homemade meals this year, with a meal kit service that makes cooking easy and fun, Spring is a great option to consider. I tried Spring Feeling for two weeks specifically to review it. I might order it again in the future because I like good food, even better when it’s simple, quick and hassle-free to make.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, where the service was provided to me by the company. However, the thoughts expressed in this feature are my own opinions based on my personal experience trying it out.


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