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Croissant and coffee with a sea view

10 bakeries serving the best croissants & viennoiseries in Dubai

Here are my favourite top picks for cafes and bakeries serving the best croissants in Dubai.

I love flaky, buttery pastries and writing this article was just an excuse for me to go out every weekend and try the best croissants Dubai has to offer. You can be assured that these are well researched and much loved bakeries in Dubai. I have personally visited them all and devoured their viennoiseries.

In this list, I am sharing with you my Top 10 favourite bakeries and cafes in Dubai which you guys just cannot miss for the love of a good, classic ‘Quasso!’ 🥐

Viennoiseries are typically french pastries made with a rich, yeast-leavened dough resembling puff pastry or bread. They include variations of croissants, pain au chocolat, danish pastry, brioche and so much more. Buttery, soft and flaky, it’s really hard to get enough of it.

There are multiple places in Dubai serving these delicious baked goods. However, some of them really are going above the crowd with their creativity and perfection, ensuring every bite is a joy to indulge in.

Whether you’re looking for a spot for breakfast or just want to enjoy a delicious, flaky pastry, these are some cafes and bakeries where you will find the best croissants in Dubai.

Milk Bakery

Milk Bakery ticks all the right boxes making their pastries some of the flakiest and delicious ones in Dubai. They have a wide variety of handcrafted viennoiserie, plenty of savoury and sweet options to choose from. I especially loved their Babkas and the Danish pastry with berries and cream. They also have a tempting breakfast menu and their baristas are skilled enough to brew you a great cup of coffee.

Flaky Pastry Croissant Co.

A self-claimed “Croissanterie”, this place sticks to it’s name with the best, most flakiest croissants in Dubai. Ever since it opened it’s door in 2022, it has been a hit among the residents. They are professionals in the art of laminated dough and serve unique gourmet croissants that anyone will fall in love with. Monthly updated menu to look forward to. You can also have a peek and admire their craftsmanship through their open kitchen concept.

  • Location: City Walk Boulevard and Dubai Creek Harbour
  • Timing: 7:30am -10pm

Birch Bakery

Birch Bakery is a bit of a hidden gem in Al Quoz. This place is small but they make some really great artisanal baked goods and also cater at a few local cafes like Mirzam. I personally loved their Almond Croissant and their sugary morning buns are great too. They incorporate seasonal flavours into their viennoiseries. Birch Bakery is open only until 3pm, so you better be there early to get the freshest baked goodies.

Bageri Form

When I think of Bageri Form, I think of their rich, buttery and insanely crispy danishes. Inspired by Scandinavian baking, you’ll find a good range of both sweet and savoury bakes here. Located in the heart of Dubai Design District, their ambiance is gorgeous and I think it makes for a cute casual date spot or to catch-up with your buddies. They also serve delicious coffee ensuring you have your perfect “FIKA” moment.

Scarlets German Bakery

Hands down, one of the best bakeries in Dubai. Not only are they experienced in the art of baking croissants, their attractive display of baked goods, breads, cakes and German pastries will get you spoiled for choice. Claiming to only be using fresh, natural ingredients, they also have coffee and a breakfast menu. Their danishes with a streusel topping, the Bee Sting Cake and the ‘Doppeldecker’ are all unlike any pastries you’ll find in Dubai


With a wonderful, breezy seaside location and a cozy ambiance, BRIX Cafe is one of the best spots for croissants in Dubai. Their pastry experts have curated a wonderful menu with super tempting viennoiseries and desserts. You have to try their infamous Tiramisu Croissant and their Chocolate croissant is possibly the most creamy, generously stuffed croissant I’ve ever had. BRIX cafe also serve a range of specialty tea and coffee, as well as a delicious all-day breakfast menu.

Bread Ahead Bakery

All the way from London’s Borough Market, Bread Ahead Bakery first showed it’s face in the UAE at the Expo 2020 Dubai and we fell in love with it ever since. They have expanded further and we love their freshly baked goods. Initially, we were crazy about their stuffed doughnuts but turns out even their croissants and viennoiseries aren’t too bad either. If you’re ever at MOE and you’re craving one, this is your place for a quick bite.

IDA Bakery & Bistro

A Bakery and a Bistro, IDA is conveniently located in Downtown boulevard near to Dubai mall. They have a limited but undeniably fresh, flaky croissant/viennoiserie options in their menu. Interiors here are aesthetic and the ambiance is great to relax, unwind or even get your work done at. Plenty of baked breads and they make butter and jams in-house. IDA deserves a recommendation simply for the quality and freshness of their food.

Risen Cafe & Artisanal Bakery

Focaccia, challah, sourdough, cakes, pastries and delicious laminated croissants. There’s not much this bakery can’t do. Not only is Risen a great cafe and bakery, they also have a tempting all-day breakfast menu, making it perfect for your next brunch outing. Adding to that, their ambiance is well lit and gorgeous with wooden accents, comfortable seating and a good amount of greenery.

  • Location: Business Bay, JVC, Dubai Marina and more
  • Timing: Opens 7am (please check timings for respective branches from their website)
  • Website: https://risendubai.com/

Pekoe Tea & Bread Bar

Now, this place is something different. They aren’t just known for their viennoiseries but also for their creative use of Asian tea blends and creating unique drinks. From my experience, the weekends seem to be pretty crowded here and for good reason, they make the flakiest croissants. Whether you like sweet or savoury, they have something for everyone. Oh and the ambiance is quite insta-worthy too!

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