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Badam Milk: Healthier Ramadan drink

Drinks are a must during Ramadan. It helps us stay hydrated and while most of us (including myself) naturally go towards cold juices or shakes to quench our thirst, warm milk-based drinks are comparatively more healthier for us and I would highly suggest altering them for this Badam Milk every once in a while.

I am a huge lover of Indian Badam (Almond) Milk, also called as ‘Badam Doodh’ and I am sharing this simple recipe to make it. This is the regular version we make at home, although you can feel free to enhance it with some saffron, cardamom, chopped nuts and so on.

I have also heard that many enjoy drinking this cold instead of warm, if you prefer that then you may prepare this early and chill it until it’s time for iftar but I’d recommend keeping it out from the fridge atleast 20minutes before serving just so that it isn’t really cold.

A simple rundown of the recipe, all we do is soak the almonds overnight in warm water (a few hours is also enough sometimes) and peel the almonds. The peeled almonds is then grinded to a fine paste with the help of a little water. The almond paste is mixed with milk and sugar (or another sweetener) and made to a come to a boil and then served warm!

Easy peasy, isn’t it? Do try it at home and I hope you all have a beautiful Ramadan!

Badam Milk: Healthier Ramadan drink

Recipe by Aysha SaihaCourse: DrinksDifficulty: Easy


Prep time


Cooking time




  • ยผ cup almonds, soaked in warm water overnight and peeled

  • 500ml of full fat milk

  • 2 Tbsp sugar, or as required

  • Optional add-ons: Saffron, cardamom, finely chopped almonds/pistachios etc.


  • Add your peeled almonds to a grinder along with a tablespoon of water and grind it to a fine paste. You may add more water if and as needed.
  • In a saucepan, add the almond paste with milk and sugar. Put it in on medium heat, stirring continuously. Remove from heat once it comes to a boil. You may add cardamom and/or saffron to add a richer flavour to it.
  • Divide the milk into two cups/mugs. You could add chopped nuts like almonds and pistachios for a nice crunch. Serve warm or chill for later!


  • It is essential to use a high quality grinder and ensure that your almond paste is as fine as it can get.


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