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Passionfruit Mojito – Easy Tropical Mocktail

Passionfruit Mojito may sound and look a bit fancy, but it is actually very easy to prepare.

It is all about using fresh quality ingredients and arranging in order. In the end, regardless, it is going to look beautiful.

Passionfruit is considered to be an exotic tropical fruit. The taste can range from tart to sweet, often being a combination of both.

I personally don’t enjoy eating passion fruit by itself, if it is too tart. So, I like to whip up a drink like this Passionfruit Mojito that tastes incredible.

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The tangy flavour makes it perfect for a thirst-quenching drink. You can add a little sugar syrup too if you want the added sweetness, but I often keep it mild.

How to make a passionfruit mojito

As I said earlier, this mojito is a fairly easy recipe to make. Grab a glass of your choice, preferably a taller, wider one or a jar like this one will also work.

In the glass, we add fresh passionfruit pulp, lime wedges, mint/basil leaves, ginger (sliced or minced) and muddle it all lightly. Then, go ahead and add juice of half a lemon or one full lime. Follow with ice cubes and stir.

Fill up the rest of the cup with lemon-lime soda or sparkling water. Garnish beautifully and serve!

This Passion fruit mojito recipe is for one glass and you can repeat the same for each serving.

Tools you need to make a mojito

Tropical cocktail passionfruit mojito

Using a nice clear glass will really enhance the appearance of the mojito. I used drinking cups which I had at home, but you can check out this Glass and Straw set if you are looking to buy a new one.

A sturdy lemon squeezer to get the juice out of those lemons.

And finally, you will require a Muddler and Spiral Spoon. I used the ones I had, which is part of the complete WMF Cocktail Shaker set. It is worth the investment if you enjoy whipping up mocktails/cocktails at home.

If you are looking for a quick alternative tool instead of a muddler, you can use a small wooden spoon or the end of a rolling pin.

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I really hope you enjoy this Tropical Mocktail recipe and will end up making it again and again!

RECIPE for Passionfruit Mojito

Passionfruit Mojito – Easy Tropical Mocktail

Recipe by Aysha SaihaCourse: DrinksDifficulty: Easy


Prep time




  • 1-2 Tbsp passionfruit pulp

  • 2 lime wedges

  • 12 mint or basil leaves

  • 1 Tsp minced ginger (or 2-3 long slices)*

  • Juice of 1/2 a lemon

  • 6-8 ice cubes

  • 1 can lemon-lime soda or sparkling water

  • Optional sweetener: Sugar syrup, Honey, Agave or Maple syrup

  • For garnishing
  • Mint or Basil leaves

  • Passionfruit, halved

  • Lime/Lemon slice


  • In a serving glass, add in passionfruit pulp, lime wedges, mint/basil leaves and ginger. Use a muddler and mash it all lightly for a few seconds.
  • Add lemon juice, followed by ice cubes and stir. You may add a liquid sweetener, if you want extra sweetness. Pour over the soda or sparkling water. Garnish as preferred and serve!


  • Minced ginger might get inside your drinking straws and if you do not like that texture and taste, you can use longer ginger slices, cut lenghtwise or eliminate it altogether.

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